« La fonction de l'artiste est fort claire : il doit ouvrir un atelier, et y prendre en réparation le monde, par fragments, comme il lui vient. » Francis Ponge

Journal d’un corps

"Si je devais rendre ce journal public, je le destinerais d’abord aux femmes. En retour, j’aimerais lire le journal qu’une femme aurait tenu de son corps. Histoire de lever un coin du mystère. En quoi consiste le mystère? En ceci par exemple qu’un homme ignore tout de ce que ressens une femme quant au volume et au poids de ses seins, et que les femmes ne savent rien de ce que ressentent les hommes quant à l’encombrement de leur sexe." Daniel Pennac, Journal d’un corps

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Have a hip-pocket question, a lifeline to grab, if your mind goes blank, or if you’re daydreaming during an interviewee’s response. It should be something that will work in just about any situation, such as, “What do you mean by that ?”.

Karl Nerenberg

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The subsequent industrialization of camera technology only carried out a promise inherent in photography from the beginning to democratize all experiences by translating them into images

Susan Sontag

An image is a sight which has been recreated or reproduced. It is an appearance, or set of appearances, which has been detached from the place and time in which it first made its appearance and preserved – for a few moments or a few centuries.

John Berger, Ways of seeing

A people or a class which is cut off from its own past is far less free to choose and to act as a people or class than one that has been able to situate itself in history. This is why- and this is the only reason why- the entire art of the past has now become a political issue.

John Berger, Ways of seeing

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